Remember when we had only 12 colors to rock our HTML world? Back in those days, the official Hanson website was actually Hansonline. Here is the visual story of how Hansonline became Hanson.net.

Welcome back to Hansonline!

They even had a personalized GIF… wait for it…. waaaait for it. It spins! I remember thinking they were these super web-designers when I saw this spinning thing.

And how cool was the MOE (middle of everywhere) – official fan-club, page?

These first two versions had a lot of the HansonHouse vibe – colors and fons – and I was pretty familiar with those codes. So, they decided to use scripts and blow my mind again, in 1999:

To this day, I really like something that Hansonline did pretty well, which is stepping out of the usual layout model and just forcing us to click around, literally. I find these day’s blog-style layouts pretty dull compared to what they did back then.

After the blue layout, we were presented with the most amazing version of Hansonline I have ever witnessed:

Everyone was getting pretty big on Flash during those days but our internets were slow and it took forever to load… I think that’s why they changed it to something a bit more static.

In 2000, the idea of Hanson.net was created but Hansonline was still on. We’d see this pop-up whenever we accessed it.

And the home for the official merchadise was there. I don’t have a record of when it was created, unfortunately. 

And then, in 2001 the idea started to grow…

After that, Hanson.net and Hansonline were combined… and later, Hansonline was no more.

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